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As the fifth generation of KCCI, Rick has been
working with the company for over 26 years. He
began as an apprentice for his father, John Kuhn, and after four years took over the company. He and his wife, Mary Jane, work everyday to bring quality work to the St. Louis area. Along with their clients, their family is extremely important to them. Their youngest daughter, Abbie, married Chris Enlund and they live in Wisconsin. Jodie, their oldest and her husband, Chris Allen, have two little girls, Bailey and Parker. Rick and MJ are happy to welcome Jodie on as the sixth generation of Kuhn Construction.


kuhn construction is proud to be a part of so many great causes in st. louis. they actively participate in habitat for humanity, rebuilding together st. louis, and episcopal city mission. each year they donate hundreds of hours to people who need help the most. they are also very passionate about their church, the webster groves art foundation and is on the companion diocese committee with sudan., art & air outdoor fair, emmanuel episcopal church in webster groves. mj is involved with the women of emmanuel, its on the board of ecm and is on the alter guild. rick is a part of the men of emmanuel